Patrik Stenman
Chris Tjärnlund
Pierre Klingstedt
Nicklas Boman
Skumdum is a Swedish punk rock band from Skellefteå. Their music is a blend of Skatepunk, hardcore and Swedish trallpunk. The band was formed in 1993 and has released 6 albums, numerous singles and a split album with the American punk band Hero of our time.

During the first decade they sang exclusively in Swedish, but in 2003 they switched to English in order to reach more listeners. Skumdum is today one of the biggest punk rock bands in Scandinavia and has also grown a devoted fan base in Europe and Japan.

The early years (1993-99)
Skumdum was formed in 1993 by Pierre Pettersson (vocals, bass) and Chris Tjärnlund (guitar). They other members were Andreas Nilsson (drums) and Christian Åhlen (guitar). The name Skumdum were made up when the guys were mixing different short words that rhymed but didn’t have a particular meaning. Rumors says that the Luleå based band Scumback also was a big influence to the band name.

After playing in Skumdum for a little bit more than a year Christian was replaced by Peder Evesäter in 1994. In 1995 the band participated on a split ep called “3 i en vol 2” which was released by Kamel records. The songs on this split impressed label owner Stephan Johansson so much that he offered the band a record deal! In 1996 they released a 4 song ep which was self-titled. The song Lisa on this ep became a big hit on a number of radio stations and is still one of their most famous songs. In 1997 the band released their debut album “Demoner”.

Chris who played guitar had to retrain to drummer in 1998 when original drummer Andreas Nilsson left the band. At the same time Patrik Stenman joined the group and took Chris place as guitarist. They parted ways with Kamel records shortly after this and signed a deal with Sigourney records. In 1999 they released a split ep with the Swedish punk band Böld, but tensions had started to build in the band and the boys decided to take a pause.

The mid years (2001-2007)
In spring 2001 Skumdum did their first show in almost two years. Overwhelmed by the response the band decided to start over again. Peder felt that he didn’t have the right motivation and decided to leave the group. Chris, Pat and Pierre went on as a trio and released the ep “Va fan har hänt med dagens ungdom” in 2001.

In the beginning of 2002 the trio became a quartet when Linkan joined the band. Skumdum toured and practiced heavily during 2002. They also managed to record and release their 2nd album “Det vi kan bäst” before the year ended. This album however was released on Morphine Lane records since the band didn’t feel that Sigourney could give them the proper promotion and distribution. They also released a compilation album “Kågepunx, folköl” in 2002 with songs from the early demos.

2003 were followed by a lot of heavy touring in Scandinavia and they also started to record a new album. The big change from previous records was that the band decided to record this album in English. Skumdum continued playing frequently in 2004 and recorded the album when being in town. In spring 2005 they released the ep “War is money”. In september 2005 they went on their first Spain tour and shortly after this they also released their 4th album “Skum of the land”. The single “Big disgrace” made the charts on national radio and became the biggest commercial hit the group has had so far. In 2006 they toured both Scandinavia and France and in 2007 they went on a European tour! Shortly after this tour Linkan left the band and moved to study. Instead of replacing him Pat, Chris and Pierre decided to continue as a trio.

Present (2008-)
In 2008 they released a split album with the American punk band “Hero of our time”. They also went on a France and Spain tour with the French band “Uncommonmen from mars”. 2009 became a great year for the band when they signed with the Japanese label “Bells on records”. They decided to re-release Skum of the land + all the Swedish albums in Japan and in September Skumdum went on their first Japan tour. 2010-2011 became two pretty dull years apart from a show on Swedens biggest festival “Peace and love” in 2010.

In 2012 they decided to finally record a new album! They started practicing heavily and in april Nicklas Boman joined the band as guitarist. Since both Pat and Pierre had played with him in the pop/rock band Trucker it didn’t take him long to find his place. This was the first time in almost 5 years that the band were 4 on stage. In September 2012 they went on their first trip to Poland where they made 2 shows.

During 2013 Skumdum celebrates their 20th anniversary as a punk rock band. They will release 10 singles with 2 songs each on the 20th every month. The first single “Ten thousand people” is currently out and the releases will continue over the year. In November they will release a compilation with the singles and celebrate the 20th anniversary with a big fest!